I have not seen IAM representative in a long, long time.  Now all of sudden they are appearing at my worksite and sending mail to my home why is this?

IAM has been notified that an election will be held.  Since IAM was unable to block the election process, they are now trying to pursue Long Beach City employees to give them another chance.  Their real interest though is to try to save the millions of dollars they collect for providing no real services or benefits to Long Beach City employees.

Is it true that if we vote to change union from IAM to the Federation of Public Service Employees, we would lose all of our current benefits and our contract ?

NO , that is false .   State law as well is the City of Long Beach ordinance requires all salary, benefits and terms of condition to remain exactly the same.   There will be no changes, however the Federation with the participation of Long Beach City employees, our professional staff and attorneys, will seek to negotiate new and improved provisions.  As a scare tactic to discourage City employees for voting for the Federation of Public Service Employees, IAM staff has started a number of false rumors, including City employees losing benefits if the vote to change unions.   This is simply a lie.

Will our dues increase if we vote to change unions to the Federation of Public Service Employees?

NO .  Your dues will actually decrease by $5 a month or $60 a year.  In addition, each member will automatically receive a $5,000 life insurance policy and several other benefits.

We have wanted a change for a long time now.  Why is this just now happening?

Under state law and the City of Long Beach ordinance, you may only seek to change unions at the expiration of the contract, or during a very narrow window before the contract expires.  IAM has been merely extending the contract each year, for the last five (5) years, in effect blocking its members from seeking a change in unions.  In this instance, the window period is open until April 3, 2014.  Several Long Beach City employees contacted us and we are providing technical, legal and professional support to prevent IAM from blocking a vote this time.

If 30% of the employees covered by any particular bargaining unit signs a petition requesting an election, an election must be held.  In this case over 50% of the impacted employees signed the petition.

Who will conduct the elections?

The election will be conducted and supervised by the State of California Public Employment Relations Board. 

Will all city employees get to vote or just current union members?

Each city employee covered by a bargaining unit that has filed for an election will receive a ballot and have an opportunity to vote regardless of your membership status.

Did my bargaining unit file for an election?

The following bargaining units filed for an election;  Refuse,  Crafts and Trades and Supervisory (click here to see if my job title is eligible to vote.)

If we vote to change to the Federation of Public Service Employees will we have local officers?

Yes, there will be local officers elected by the membership as well as stewards.  In addition, staff and attorneys from the Federation of Public Service Employees will be assigned to provide professional assistance and guidance to our Long Beach members.

I am concerned by intimidation or harassment from IAM, will they know if I signed the petition and who should I contact if they harass me?

No, the petitions are not released to IAM.  Please contact our office if IAM seeks to harass or intimidate you.  We know their tactics and will deal with them legally.  They recently sent two union goons to our office in an effort to persuade us to drop our efforts on behalf of Long Beach City employees.  The Federation of Public Service Employees will not intimidated nor will we allow IAM to intimidate the election process.

Is IAM a public sector union and what exactly does IAM stand for?

No, IAM is not a public sector union. Although commonly referred to as "IAM" or the "International Association of Machinist", the full and legal name of the organization is the International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers. Their organization name clearly indicates the types of employees they specialize in representing - "Machinist" and "Aerospace Workers". IAM is not a public sector union. Its a private sector Aerospace Union. IAM's major employers are;
Lockheed Martin
Harley Davidson
Hawker Beechcraft
L-3 Vertex
GKN Aerospace
Spirit AeroSystems
Bombardier Learjet
Bath Iron Works

IAM lacks the expertise or interest in representing the needs of public sector employees. Often the dues collected from public sector workers are used to represent and organize private sector workers. In a demonstration of their commitment to private sectors employees over public sector employees, IAM has organized the following units in the last 18 months. Please note that not one (1) of its last forty-two (42) organizing campaigns focused on the public sector;

Ultra-Met Company, Urbana, OH 2/7/2013
Nissan of St. Charles, St. Charles, IL 1/31/2013
L-3 Vertex Aerospace, Madison, MS 1/23/2013
Avpol, Memphis, TN 1/23/2013
Northwest Florida Facilities Management, Ft. Walton Beach, FL 1/23/2013
ORASA, Ft. Walton Beach, FL 1/23/2013
Martin Dealerships, Inc., Newark, DE 1/4/2013
Ryder Truck Rental, Inc., Mars, PA 12/17/2012
URS Federal Services, Tacoma, WA 12/17/2012
Autoport (Michigan) Limited, Charlotte, MI 12/14/2012
Frank Shirey Cadillac Inc., Oak Lawn, IL 12/13/2012
Veracom Ford, San Mateo, CA 12/12/2012
Frontier Ford, Santa Clara, CA 12/10/2013
CSC, Newton, AL 12/10/2012
Herscher Community Unit School, Herscher, IL 12/5/2012
Abipa Canada, Inc., Laval, QC 11/20/12
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo, CA 11/20/12
Micro Gauge, Inc., Brighton, MI 11/9/12
Deluxe Automotive, Inc., Lombard, IL 10/26/12
Gmotorcars, Inc., Arlington Heights, IL 10/26/12
Atlas Logistics Group Retail Services, Atlanta, GA 10/23/12
IKEA Westampton, Mount Holly, NJ 10/19/12
McTeague, Higbee, Case, Cohen, Whitney & Toker, P.A., Topsham, ME 10/17/12
Delaware Resource Group, Ellsworth AFB, SD 10/12/12
National Bronze & Metals, Lorain, OH 10/9/12
Pressline Services, St. Louis, MO 10/8/12
Ignition Works, Inc., Naperville, IL 9/27/12
First Vehicle Services, Inc., St. Clair, MI 9/21/12
M C Tools, Inc., Schererville, IN 9/19/12
Delaware Resource Group, Dyess AFB, TX 9/14/12
Eds Traveling Tool Box, Kewanna, IN 9/9/12
Golden Living Center, Springfield, TN 9/4/12
Collision Center at Hoskins, Elk Grove Village, IL 9/1/12
Ash Trucking, LLC, Fort Wayne, IN 8/29/12
Speedway Construction Products, Fort Wayne, IN 8/29/12
Victory Trucking & Supply, Inc,. Garrett, IN 8/29/12
Foseco Metallurgical, Inc., Cleveland, OH 8/27/12
Graniterock Company, Aromas, CA 8/27/12
Bradken Engineered Product,s Chehalis, WA 8/24/12
Greyhound Lines, Inc., Albuquerque, NM 8/12/12
Jacobs Technology, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD 8/9/12
Don McCue Chevrolet, Inc., McLean, IL 8/7/12
IKEA Distribution Cente,r Savannah, GA 7/26/12
Pumpernickel Express, Mansfield, MA 6/29/12


IAM UNION VOTING ON PENSION REFORM - Thurs August 16, 2012 by Harry Saltzgaver, Exec Editor Long Bch, CA: Gazette Newspaper

City Manager Pat West said that if the new contract is approved, it would save $3.9 million in the city's general fund in the coming year, and $12 million over all funds...  Under the new contract, IAM members...


- October 18, 2013 Signal Tribune

With these final agreements, Long Beach has achieved full pension reform, with all City employees paying their full share of pension costs, making Long Beach the largest California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) city to achieve this milestone, according to a press release issued by the City.


- by Harry Saltzgaver, Exec Editor Long Bch, CA: Gazette Newspaper

Street sweeping was one of the city services targeted for potential privatization last year...  Also noted in the staff report is the fact that Athens handles trash and recycling pickup in 21 cities. While there is no comment in this report about contracting out either trash or recycle pickup...


- December 4, 2012 by Joshua H. Silavent, Staff Writer, Long Beach Business Journal

"We're willing to give the city the pension reform that they're asking for, said IAM chief spokesperson Ray Rivera.
The Business Journal obtained a copy of the latest IAM proposal, which includes an agreement for members to pick up the full 8 percent of CalPERS retirement contributions. In addition, it proposes an adjusted compensation formula for new employees, which includes raising the retirement age to 62 from 55.


- October 16, 2013 by Christine Mai-Duc, Los Angeles Times

"Since 2007, the city has eliminated 786 positions and slashed $134 million from its general fund...Employees covered under the new contracts will now contribute 8% of their salary into CalPERS, an increase from the 2%"


- December 10, 2012 by Lydia Depillis, The Washington Post

"The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) will have to rerun its elections.

The labor movement has a lot of challenges forced upon it by economic conditions. Rigid, entrenched leadership is one that it's brought upon itself.

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